The saltwater generator is the future of pool sanitation. Nearly 80% of all new pools built today are using saltwater generators to sanitize their water. Saltwater sanitation, along with the creation of hybrid pool pumps, are the two biggest breakthroughs in the history of the pool industry.

Your pool water is salinated to 3200 parts per million which is 1/10th the salt level that exists in the ocean. 3200 ppm is just on the boarder of human taste limits. A small generator that is mounted at your pool equipment uses the salt in your pool water to produce unstabilized free chlorine, which has no cyanauric acid like the chlorine tablets that we’ve all been used to.

The result is a much healthier water that has zero chlorine smell, taste, or irritation to your skin or eyes. You can swim under water with your eyes wide open and they will not burn or turn red at all. This will be the best pool water you have ever been in. This water will have all the soothing therapeutic agencies of saltwater, along with being as clear as glass. This product is a home run and should be on every pool.

The water in this Gunite spa is a real-life example of water that is sanitized using a saltwater generator. This water is so clear that if it were not rippling it would be hard to even tell it was there.

By Patricks Pools


Patrick Kenney Southampton gunite pool installer