This custom gunite lap pool in East Hampton is smoothly incorporated into what little usable property was in this back yard. Portions of the pool are as close as six feet away from the near-vertical 250 foot descent down to the beach. Because of the unstable nature of the ground where this pool was installed, the pool is anchored into the edge of the cliff using 68 Sono Tubes that were filled with a wet mix concrete as a monolithic pour along with the rest of the pool. The pool was built using a 6000 lb wet concrete design mix with large stone aggregate and a mix of #4 and #5 rebar, making this one of the strongest pools built on Long Island. Reaching the site with material was no easy task, and required a concrete pumping truck with a boom-arm capable of extending over the entire house. This pool is equipped with an automatic cover which remains hidden by the deck unless deployed.