This form built gunite or all-concrete pool was built by  contractor Patrick Kenney of Southampton to accept a CoverStar automatic pool safety cover. These Automatic safety covers keep in 70% of water heat, keep in 70% of pool chemicals, keep out nearly 100% of debris, and keep our children safe. They are a great feature and more and more Long Islanders are catching on to that fact. Last year at Patricks Pools we built more gunite pools with these types of safety covers then without. This particular pool was built using our custom precision aluminum forms allowing the use of an extremely strong wet concrete with 3/4″ aggregate and a synthetic admixture. The forms create a solid 10″ thick wall making this type of pool one of the strongest to be built on Long Island. This pool, as do all of our pools, includes a variable speed high efficiency Pentair Intelliflo.