This gunite pool installation by Patrick Kenney of Southampton in Hampton Bays, Suffolk County features over 2,000 square feet of bluestone patio, a gunite overflow spa, a 4′ stone retaining wall, and an unmatchable view.

As you can see this pool is planned on a fairly steep slope. The regulations for the wetlands made this project even more challenging. Over 400 yards of material was carted away in order to make this project a reality.

This pool and spa features a silver marbledust, a “floating” deep end bench, dyed gray joints for the patio, a digital control pad mounted in the stone next to the spa, wireless remote, and retaining walls veneered using colonial blue wall stone. The high efficiency “hybrid” pool pumps are all fed using 3″ plumbing custom bent with a pipe bender. The spa has 22 high powered hydrotherapy jets. The pool and spa are sanitized using a saltwater generator. The spa was added as an afterthought, after the pool was completed making the project a little extra challenging.