Natural stone masonry bluestone patio replacement in Quogue by  builder and installer Patrick Kenney of Southampton. The previous patio was a thermal cut Pennsylvania bluestone that we removed. We also demolished the 4 inch concrete base slab. We removed 8″ of base soil beneath the slab and compacted an 8″ starting layer of RCA (recycled aggregate). After the 8″ RCA base we installed a 1/2″ steel rebar framework to reinforce our new concrete slab. We then poured our 4″ concrete base. After the base we installed our new thermal cut bluestone coping. We measured and created our own radius corner coping stones. Then we installed our Blue Ice bluestone patio with a natural cleft finish. This bluestone stays much cooler than typical Pennsylvania thermal cut bluestone. It also has a somewhat more natural feel with the natural cleft finish. The previous bluestone patio had sunken, shifted, and cracked after only 12 years which is exactly why we always use an 8″ base layer of RCA before pouring our 4″ steel reinforced slab base.