This Bridgehampton pool water feature installation was started 4 days before memorial day weekend and was completed in time for the Memorial day party thanks to contractor/builder/installer Patrick Kenney of Southampton. The patio pavers were pulled up, the concrete slab was jackhammered, and trenches were dug around the pool. A new liner was installed with non-slip material coating the staircase, two handrails were installed, an autofill was installed, and 8 Pentair Magic Stream Laminars were installed. The laminars required another two main drains and separate plumbing from the pool, 8 inch and a half plumbing lines, a separate pump and filter, 8 electrical conduits run from poolside to the equipment pad, 2 electrical transformers and completely separate electrical work from the pool. The height of each laminar arc is completely adjustable and at night each laminar beam of water lights up an assortment of  different colors through LED lighting inside the beam of water. Pictures can not do them justice.