Lets talk about a pool designed with some thought behind it.

How about a pool in the Hamptons that can have its heater turned on from Manhattan so that the water is warm when you arrive? How about a pool that automatically sends heated water to the bottom of the pool so that it heats twice as fast and burns half the fuel? How about a pool that when you are done with the heater automatically sends the return water to the jets at the top of the pool to keep the pool clean while you are away from it? How about a pool that automatically drains when it rains too much, or a pool that automatically fills itself when it needs more water? How about a pool whos sanitizer level will remain constant for a month at a time even without anyone checking on it? How about a pool where you can swim under water all day long with your eyes wide open without even a hint of eye irritation? Or a pool that with the touch of one single button you can turn on a heater, turn off a waterfall, and turn on your spa jets and blower? How about a pool that stays twice as clean and uses 1/10 the electricity of a standard pool on Long Island? How about a pool that with the touch of a button a completely hidden cover gracefully slides across its top to keep heat in and leaves out?APSP LIPSA NESPA CBP patricks pools

These are the types of pools Patrick’s Pools Inc. builds. We are completely dedicated to building the best pools possible.