Beautiful Pool and Spa on the North Fork in Cutchogue

Here we have a great example of what can be created out of a sprawling yard with a substantial change in elevation. This 800 square foot, geometric freeform pool rests comfortably beyond a custom stacked-stone staircase and walls, and alongside a 240 square foot patio.

Some structural features of this pool include a grand staircase with a 30 inch top step; a full length shallow-end bench with wrapped corner bench; and a raised spa which waterfalls and shares its heated water with the pool. The entire half of the pool in the bottom of this picture is considered the deep-end. The slope into the deep-end begins where the inner most corners of the pool line up, giving this pool great feeling of deep-water freedom. The three areas of this aquatic construction provide great versatility and are sure to please most home owners, guests, vacationers and renters.

The bluestone patio matches the bluestone coping wonderfully and acts as an inviting entrance onto the pool’s grand staircase. Any skimmers or other plumbing features attached to the pool are covered and nicely blended into the structure with custom bluestone tops.

This type of beautiful, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing project is precisely what we expect to present to our customers with every project.