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Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement & Renovation

Why choose Patricks Pools to install your liner or renovate your vinyl lined pool.

Patricks Pools has successfully installed hundreds of in-ground custom pool liners. We own two commercial liner vacuums, which give us the ability to install two pool liners a day, or install one pool liner on a very cold day. We have the ability to design and construct just about any type of custom staircase or bench you can imagine and measure your liner to fit on top of these new staircases or benches. Many customers opt to eliminate their old, outdated fiberglass steps and upgrade to these custom entrances that are installed underneath their new liners. We also have the ability to change the depths, sizes, and layouts of your shallow end and deep end. We can install items such as lights, ladders, foam padding, different pool bases beneath your pool liner, returns, skimmers, main drains, automatic water fillers, automatic cleaners, new coping. etc.
We typically work with Vyn-All pool liners, which come with a 25-year pro-rated warranty and a 3-year warranty on liner seems which also covers your labor cost. We also work with Loop-Loc luxury liners and Merlin liners. When it comes to liner installations and renovating vinyl lined pools we are true professionals.

Just like the pools we build, our pool renovations are done with nothing but the best products and attention to detail. Our creative designs coupled with state-of-the-art updates will not only provide a more modern, more attractive poolscape, but will also save time & money, enhance comfort & safety, and ensure a backyard resort that’s simply more enjoyable. A full array of pool renovations & modernizations can include:

  • Design modifications to shape, depth, and style
  • Custom stone, brick, and masonry
  • Expert patio repairs and replacements
  • Spas, waterfalls, fountains, and lighting
  • Custom entrances and benches
  • Color changing lighting
  • Energy saving hybrid pool pumps
  • Saltwater sanitation